You need to do something about it right now to get sciatic nerve relief. You can’t go about your daily work schedule feeling some form of discomfort. It’s simply unnatural. When the nerves in your back area are inflamed, you’ll feel a stabbing sensation whenever you move. It feels like your nerves are getting pinched and you find difficulty in moving to and fro, back and forth.

What is the Sciatic Nerve?

The Sciatic NerveThis is the nerve that’s found in your lower back. It’s specifically found in the sacrum bone area, and the pain emanates from that area down to the buttocks. For the more extreme cases, the pain radiates even down to the calves. This is the longest nerve found in the body, which is why you need to know the ways to attain sciatic nerve relief.

Ways to Achieve Sciatic Nerve Relief

It’s been established by health experts worldwide that it’s better to prevent the condition from happening than finding a cure for it. This said, it’s better to protect your back than to heal from an injury that can debilitate you or cause you extreme pain. While some sciatic nerve pains can be traced to bad posture, it can also be result of a previous accident. The pain can be tempered or controlled, but when you don’t do anything about it but take pain meds, you’re really not targeting the very root cause of the problem.

The good news is that nature has supplied you with herbs and supplements that provide sciatic nerve relief. Mother Nature has provided you with plants that not only give relief but heal your body in the process. You’ll find many of these natural remedies for sciatica in your pantry. Gather cloves, cinnamon, ginger, garlic, turmeric, peppermint, and eucalyptus.

These are only a few of the foods that contain analgesic and anti-inflammatory compounds. You can use these for cooking and infuse them with your oil. When you do this regularly, you’ll definitely notice a marked improvement in due time. Of course, you shouldn’t expect to see big improvements overnight. While these herbs are powerful, you also need to give your body time to heal.

Also take note of what you eat. Processed goods contain nitrites, artificial sweeteners, and monosodium glutamates. These toxins block the nerves in your body and slow down its healing process. Pain medication does help, but this can only do so much if you don’t change your diet and lifestyle. When doctors tell you to eat healthy, it’s because they’re aware of what processed foods can do to you.

Lastly, always protect your spine. If you want relief for sciatic nerve pain, then try to see how you sleep at night. Invest in a solid orthopedic mattress to ensure a good night’s slumber. Supplement your efforts by using Epsom salts in your bath. These ease the pain and reduce the swelling. Take a hot shower and use a hot compress as well. This can relax the pinched muscles that have been bothering you.

Lastly, get a massage and drink chamomile tea. This relaxes the tensed tissues that plague your peace of mind. If you can, prepare eucalyptus oil when you get that massage, you’ll see just how much better you’ll feel afterwards.

There are exercises for sciatica

In most instances, sciatic nerve relief is obtained with a specific and controlled exercise program. The movements are designed by people who understand the human body. If you think that you can simply hit the gym and go on with your very own routine, well, you’re far from mistaken. Some exercises aggravate the problem. You need to get advice from experts in order to do it right.

The sciatic exercises serve to achieve the following:

  •  Reduce the pain and discomfort that you feel
  • Condition your body to avoid further problems

It does seem counter-intuitive, but exercise is often better than complete bed rest to get some relief from your sciatic nerve pain. You can always rest after a flare up, but as said earlier, you need to move the muscles in your body to fast track the healing process. Why? Because without the proper workout, the muscles become weak and are therefore unable to support the weight on your back properly. More importantly, the right kind of exercise promotes spinal disc health. These discs aid in the exchange of fluids and nutrients in the body. The better the nutrients flow, the less pressure there will be on your sciatic nerve.

Exercises that Provide Sciatic Nerve Relief

An expert will design a program for you. These exercises will include the following:

  •  Core muscle strength – The movements you’ll be making will strengthen your abdomen and lower back. You’ll have to start with it carefully. Engage in gentle stretching and strengthening exercises that allow your body to easily adjust to the movement.
  • Hamstring exercises – You’ll be asked to stretch your hamstrings that are located at the back of your thighs. Overly tight nerves in the hamstring area leads to stress in your lower back, and this aggravates the problem further.
  • Aerobic exercises – Walking is an excellent form of exercise and is relatively low impact. Gradually progress your miles and speed to avoid exerting extreme pressure.

While the routine looks simple enough, you need top consult with an expert first before getting into any of it. Some programs provide sciatic nerve relief exercises to address different underlying causes. Hence, have yourself diagnosed before having a program designed to suit your specific case. An in between exercises, soothe those muscles by alternating between hot and cold compress. You’re bound to feel better in no time at all.

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