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Light Relief Infrared Pain Relief Device – Comfortably Sooths Aching Muscles and Joints

Light Relief is a hand-held device that comfortably and naturally relieves pain and discomfort from your body using an infrared heat. Through light emitting diodes (LED), the device emits the full spectrum of infrared light to provide topical heat that naturally will raise, and/or maintain, the temperature tissue just below the surface of the skin. It is used as a relaxation aid for muscles, joints and tissue.

The Soothing Stream of Infrared Heat

The Light Relief hand-held device directs the stream of heat to whatever area of the body you hold the unit over, including your back, neck, shoulders, arms, legs, feet, fingers and hands. It provides a personal level of comfort that temporarily relieves minor muscular pain, stiffness and joint pain. It also provides an increase of localized blood circulation, which helps in the healing process of many different types of ailments.

Heat Joints, Legs and Back with Infrared Heat

It has three individualize settings, from low to high, allowing for maximum comfort, and can be changed by simply pressing the blue button located on top of the unit.. Its large size Relief Pad is big enough to use on your back, legs and over your joints.

“After just a month my wife is pretty much pain-free again. Be patient, it works” – D. Peterson, Amazon.com

Emits a Full Array of Colored Infrared

The base unit of the Light Relief device contains all its main circuitry, button controls, batteries and a graphic display. The Light Pad hand-held unit emits an array of 59 colored infrared LEDs (light emitting diodes). It also contains a heat button that can be manually turned on and off.

Individual suffering from pain from such ailments as arthritis, tendinitis, muscle cramps, hip and joint pains along with sore ligaments have found an alternative cure using the Relief Pad with its infrared light emitting diodes.

Secures Easily to the Palm of Your Hand

Its easy to use instructions require simply turning the unit on and setting it to the desired level of heat temperature. Next, place your hand under the elastic strap located on the top of the unit, to secure in your palm so you move it about. Then, place the Light Relief hand-held device over the area you want to treat.

“Has decreased the pain in my knee and makes it feel so much better. It also increases my flexibility when my knee heats up.” – Agatha, Amazon.com

It only takes a few minutes of infrared heating to soothe you from many of the discomforts of joint pain, muscular pain and stiffness. By relaxing muscles, you naturally improve your full range of motion. It is great to use at bedtime, and has an automatic shutoff system, should you fall asleep while using it.

Because of the effective pain relieving qualities of Light Relief, individuals no longer need to find freedom from their pain by using prescription medications and over-the-counter pain relievers. Stabbing pain and muscle aches are easily treated using the full array of infrared spectrum light, by applying the heat of the Relief Pad, as needed.

With its effective abilities to treat and manage temporary and chronic body aches and pains, Light Relief is highly recommended for any individual looking for alternative methods to soothe their muscle and joint discomfort. It can be purchased directly from the manufacturer on their official website.