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The Infrared Pain-Relieving Hand-Held Device Light Relief – Does It Work?

Many people suffering from joint and muscle pain have heard that infrared heat can sooth their pain and wonder about and hand-held device Light Relief – does it work, or not? Whether you have to deal with constant acute pain from an injury, or suffer from a never-ending chronic pain caused by a herniated disc, arthritis or stiffness of the joints, you can experience pain relief through light therapy.

Pain Relief without Side-Effects

Managing the pain is half the battle of dealing with any type of discomfort or injury. While there are many effective ways of dealing with pain, the best ones do not require using heavy prescription drugs, or over-the-counter pain relievers. Unlike using medicines, light therapy has no side-effects other than relieving discomfort and soothing pain.

Government Agencies Use Light Therapy

Deep Penetrating Light (DPL) Therapy has been used by doctors, chiropractors and physical therapist for years, and only recently became available for consumer home use. The U.S. Navy and medical professionals at NASA figured out years ago that using light therapy could effectively heal the muscular pain and injuries of their soldiers and astronauts. Even the U.S. Food and Drug Administration have approved light therapy as an effective treatment for pain management. Since then, many professional sports teams use light therapy to treat their athletes suffering from strains and injuries.

“I have been in a lot of pain, and really needed it. I can highly recommend. It works”
– Hilda B., Amazon.com

Improves Blood Circulation and Speeds the Healing Process

Light Relief is a pain relieving hand-held device that works by directing intense light and colored infrared deep into painful joints, bones and muscles. The infrared wavelengths are emitted from the light source consisting of a large array light spectrum, to produce heat that stimulates the natural healing process. By opening up capillaries, blood circulation improves and naturally rid the body of toxins while it heals and soothes joints, muscles and damaged tissue.

Effective healing properties found in Light Relief are also used in the anti-aging industry to enhance the skin. This non-invasive approach to healing damaged skin, muscle tissue and bones is quickly becoming the therapy of choice by many physicians.

“I have used it over my lungs to help me alleviate my bronchial condition with the cold I had. Amazing!”
– Richard A., Amazon.com

Innovative Healing Technology for Use at Home

With the hand-held device Light Relief, it is now possible to use the same technology at home, to treat skin, damaged tissue, bones and muscles. Simply using the device as needed can dramatically ease the discomfort you feel.

Skeptics Question Light Relief – Does It Work?

For many skeptics, a common question concerning therapeutic qualities of Light Relief – does it work at relieving pain and discomfort from joints, muscle and damaged tissue? The answer is a simple yes. The benefits of using infrared light that is emitted through LEDs (light emitting diodes) far surpasses that of heat generated with “heating pads”. Unlike typical heating pads, the 59 different colored lights in the spectrum array that are emitted from the hand-held device has the ability to naturally radiate deep into muscle and joint tissue.

Because of its ability to effectively treat sore joints and muscles, this product comes highly recommended to any individual looking for alternative ways to treat their discomfort. It can be purchased directly from the company’s official website on the Internet.